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Informationen und Materialien zum Fach Deutsch und seiner Didaktik

In the neglected garden of his mind

Laughter layered on lips

Leaking, seeking for tips02 16 Ida Zeichnung Garten
Looking for traces
Hardly seen spaces
Forgotten hands on hips

Dry flowers in his head
Dusty memories of a time before he fled
Petals pressing prints
Freckles giving hints
Star signs on skin
Painted with sun
Instead of water

And he thought he caught her
Singing senses at the edge of his fences
Glance over ledge
“If she falls, I catch”

Clouds over thoughts
Light trough leaves
Leave a light, breath through and cleave

Sunken in silky sheets
Drunk in cobbled streets
Smell of spring
Rain on cheeks

What is it that she seeks?
My plumage isn’t emotionproof
Move my mind
Time on rewind
Enter and be kind

My head is a mess
And would I ask who lives in it
I would venture a guess
I’m a resident, wearing a mask”

Rusty fence creaking
Watering-can leaking
Slow steps besides flowerbeds
Spikey vines creeping

The masked inhabitant vanished
Melted in ivy
Inhaling moist air he had banished

Why didn’t she stop
Why not tremble over the rocks
Warm corpse kneeling down
Pulling weeds without to frown

Only stopping at night
Resting on a silky sheet
Looking at the canopy above
Sky soft as freckled skin

Little by little
He drew closer
Not able to see her face
Covered by a curtain of hair
Beautiful like lace
So he waited in despair

The garden began to glow
And look like it did a long time ago
Tiny buds grew beneath his fingertip
As he felt a hand on his hip

Hands open heart hoping
He saw her eyes
Dense fog overlaid the iris
Like a cover in white
On two blind worlds

Therefore she wasn’t scared at his sight
Because she wasn’t seeing with her eyes
But with her heart
And laughter lay layered on their lips



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